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Your business may be in one location—but if you are not ranking in all the locations where your consumers are, you may be missing out on leads by simply not being found when and where it matters most to your customers.

Depending on a person’s geolocation, the same Google keywords searches will give them different results. Several factors are taken into account, such as their proximity, phone settings, IP address, and browser settings. What Google serves you, and what they serve your potential customers, can vary widely.

So how do you control what your customers see and tap into this hyper-local market? The answer is through proximity boosting. In this article, we will help you understand this organic marketing strategy, and why you should start taking advantage of it.

What is Proximity Boosting?

A proximity boosting strategy combines the power of local landing pages with Google My Business optimization to help businesses connect with local customers. This means that you can be seen both at the top of local search results and popular navigation sites such as Google Maps—so you can have your cake, and eat it, too.

Why is Proximity Boosting Important?

It helps customers nearby find you when it matters most. Restaurants, for example, can create an attractive, accurate, voice search optimized online presence within seconds and deploy it exactly when and where people are searching for delicious lunch options in your area. 

With proximity boosting, you can ensure your business is prominent on voice platforms like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana, while also improving Google search rankings for your products and services in these hyper-local targeted areas. 

How Does Proximity Boosting by The Elite Collective Work?

The key to growing your business is to increase the reach of your products and services. At the Elite Collective, our comprehensive proximity boosting strategy involves five key steps:

  1. First, we create lightning-fast category + geo-targeted lead pages that rank well in search engines. 
  2. Then, we optimize these lead pages for nearby postal codes, cities, and suburbs. 
  3. Third, we optimize your Google My Business page to rank higher in search results.
  4. Our technology algorithmically sends signals to boost the proximity of your GMB listing so that it ranks higher in your local area and nearby markets.
  5. By combining lead pages and GMB boosting and optimization, you can demonstrate to more prospective buyers that your business is relevant to their needs and ready to serve them.

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

Typically you will start seeing results within the first 30 days with a full proximity growth within 90 days.

Do I Need to Pick My Own Keywords?

The short answer is yes—and also no, not with our help!. We understand you got a business to run, with hardly any free time to worry about SEO, branding, and marketing. Our team of experts will help you make the right keyword decisions to give you the best possibility to penetrate your target markets.

Get Noticed Online with the Elite Collective

In this day and age, the vast majority of consumers search on Google before making a buying decision. In a sea of competition, at The Elite Collective, we stick up for the little guys and give them the visibility they need to connect with their target audience. Click here to learn more about our Elite Proximity Boosting and other services, or contact us today to book a consultation.


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