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Have you ever wondered how you could engage with your potential customers better while effectively spreading your message across channels and scoring more qualified leads? The answer is simple: create a video business card (VBC).

In our opinion, we think all businesses need a video business card. In just two minutes, this style of video discusses who you are, what you do, and why a person should do business with you. Many people call it by different names—including an origin story, brand story, ‘about me’ video, home page video, and many others. In this article, we’ll clarify what a video business card is, why they are important, and how you can start leveraging them for your business.

How is a VBC different from a video?

In a lot of ways, a VBC and a traditional corporate video are the same; however, a VBC uses a specific format that enables you to pack a vast quantity of important information into a short amount of time to encourage someone to want to learn more and connect with you. Video business cards are designed to be instantly striking, highly memorable, and most importantly, they bridge the gap between printed cards and regular video content.

Why does it work?

In short, people are captivated by media like VBCs because they evoke our imagination and keep our interest. Because of these powerful characteristics, video has become the most popular type of content on the internet.

  • Among all content marketing strategies, video is thought to yield the best ROI.
  • With video marketing, companies that implement a rigorous video strategy can see a 49% increase in revenue.

Using video business cards, you can incorporate some of these powerful traits into your prospecting and marketing strategies and watch those qualified leads roll in.

What can you use them for?

Video business cards are like a Swiss army knife, they can be reworked and used for many applications, online platforms, portfolios, conferences, websites, and much more. They can be used to:

  • Provide information about your organization along with recent achievements, products, and news.
  • Using video, you can easily explain projects or display how to use a product clearly and concisely.
  • You can easily explain a complex business, product, or service in a small, concise format.
  • Showcase testimonials from your raving customers.

The possibilities are endless! Weed out unqualified leads, make better, lasting impressions, and save your business time and money through video business cards.

How do I create my own video business card?

The process of creating a video business card blends several aspects of marketing, advertising, and videography. A video business card that you create with careful planning, consistent branding and design, makes an exceptionally effective marketing tool for you, your brand, or your business. If you are looking for a team of experts to help make your VBC dreams a reality, contact The Elite Collective today to get started.


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