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Promotional & Marketing Videos

Let’s create the last video you will ever need to sell your product or services.

Direct response in mind

Promoting your business in a noisy world can be challenging. How many times have you stopped to ask yourself, “what is unique about my product or service?” or “what problems does my product or service solve?” In a promotional video we work quickly to identify your target audience and clearly explain the features and benefits of your product or service. It’s important to hit on the pain points that each potential client might be dealing with and to consider the various objections to a sale.

Our goal

Our goal is to create the last video you will ever need to sell your product or services. Think of a promotional video as your “video business card” – a brief 2-3 minute long video that explains the background of your company, your offerings, answers a few questions and ultimately leads a viewer to take action. This might mean picking up the phone and calling, placing an order online or in the case of a non-profit, to donate. Whatever your goal is, a promotional video harnesses the power of human psychology to help a client realize that you are unequivocally the best possible answer to their needs.

In some cases, marketing videos may also be used as a follow up to the video business card to continue to boost visibility in the marketplace and to keep up a presence on social media. Attention spans are limited and by constantly releasing new content, you can start to build your library of videos that can answer common questions, feature more products or help determine which service is right for them.

What to expect

A typical promo video will include a sit-down interview with the owner either on-site or in our studio, an interview with a happy customer or an employee and tons of what we like to call in the industry “b-roll” footage to help tell the story. We’ll add in some commercially licensed music, fun transitions and cool graphics to make a visual masterpiece that is fun, engaging and informative.

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