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Testimonial Videos

A professional testimonial video is a great way to help convert prospects to buyers.

Confidence at the core

Testimonials are the backbone of a successful video campaign alongside promotional video production. Potential buyers love seeing videos that show real customer success stories to help them make their own buying decision. A testimonial is a great way to convert prospects to buyers.

When it comes time for a sale, there are any number of objections and excuses that a buyer will give you or themselves. By overcoming those objections with more promotional and marketing videos and then later supporting your claims with powerful testimonial videos, it will significantly increase your chances of sealing the deal. Remember the last time you bought something online? Did you look at the reviews? Think of a testimonial video as a 5-star review on steroids. It allows the prospect to put a face to a name on a real, paying, and happy client.

What to expect

Testimonial videos include case studies and interviews with happy clients. They may sometimes include testimony from the business as well to discuss the nature of their work together, the results that were achieved and beyond.

If you’ve found success with your business’ promotional content and you need an extra leg up over the competition, this is a surefire way to gain new traction and boost sales.

“Not your average videographer. The Elite Collective brings near excessive amounts of creativity, ideas and passion to any project it touches. Can’t wait to use them again for our next project!”

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