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What’s in the Guide

The restaurant industry is a turbulent journey, with a high rate of failure. Many businesses do not make it to their first anniversary and many others last less than five. While the failure rate of restaurants is influenced by several factors, one of the biggest is the lack of strategy and resources early on in the business’s lifecycle.

With the right tools at your disposal early on, this is your chance to create new ways to improve your business, yourself, and the relationships you have with your loyal customers. So go out there and seize the day, and take this opportunity to be a better version of yourself and do better by your restaurant.

User-Friendly Navigation

Make navigation simple so that they can quickly find what they need. Consider adding a landing page to your website where your patrons can find a wide range of information and links to more details—all from one user-friendly page.

Video Business Card

Video Business Cards, or VBCs, are videos that convey a large amount of important information within a short video to put your business in the spotlight and get people inspired to learn more about you.


FAQ Section

It’s not only helpful for customers to find information on your menu and services, but it’s also great for your search rankings! You can answer common restaurant-related questions on Google if you’re not sure what to include in your FAQ.

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