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The tools and insights it needs to be a Compassionate provider of Funeral Services.

What’s in the Ebook

The funeral industry can be a tight market. And while posting to social media or having a website might not seem like a huge priority, it can often be the difference between success or struggle for many business owners.

At the Elite Collective, we Know that even if something may sound complicated at first, it’s worth pursuing if you truly believe in it. In this guide, we will cover the strategies and tools to help you successfully compete against the bigger guys in the funeral industry.

Unique Website

Gone are the days of phone books and being tethered to a wall when making a phone call. These days, pretty much everyone has a mobile device and can access the web from anywhere, at any time.

Listings Management

Local landing pages and Google My Business Optimized results combine to form proximity boosting, which helps businesses better connect with local audiences.

Brand Image

Your relevance is based on how closely your content matches the search term and your reputation. By including keywords in your website copy, publishing informative and regular social media content.

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